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Dr. Ramos specializes in the management of foot and ankle pain by conservative and minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. 

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Experiencing heel pain?

Painful bunions?

Ugly looking hammertoes?

Painful ingrown toenails?

Fungus of the toenails?

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Our practice will offer you an exceptional experience. We will focus on making you feel better by offering you top of the line treatment options. We pride ourselves in great customer service.  

Check out these reviews:

Todd A.

Local Guide · 10 reviews · 6 photos

11 months ago-

This is a quality facility with caring people.

Dr. Ramos and his staff really do seem to care about their patients. They respect their patients' time: if you make an appointment and go in, you won't wait more than 20 minutes to see the doctor. Dr. Ramos is a very professional and caring podiatrist. Most importantly he is an honest man and is very realistic about what you should be expecting during the healing process. And he cares enough to PERSONALLY CALL YOU after a surgical procedure to check up on you.

I've had a few surgeries done on my foot from Dr. Ramos and his bedside manners are professional and he cracks jokes to calm his patients down. The staff always are smiling and are in a good mood and will answer your questions if they can. The facility is also bilingual - the entire staff speaks Spanish and English which makes it easier for Spanish-speaking customers.

If you have foot problems give Dr. Ramos a try. And be patient. He's a doctor not a magician. Follow his instructions on how to take care of your feet and you will help the healing and minimise the pain. I highly recommend this place to everybody.

M. Pelligrino

1 review

10 months ago-


Great doctor for your feet, he'll make them into happy feet!

C. Garcia

2 reviews

5 months ago-

Since my insurance changed, I've been looking for a replacement foot dr. Almost three years later I've given up, I'm going back to Ramos even if I have to pay out of pocket!

B. Bueno

10 reviews · 2 photos

2 years ago-

This Doctor is WONDERFUL!!! My daughter had a small piece of glass in her foot two days before her graduation.. The office squeezed us in , got the procedure approved with our Insurance..All the while they were so nice and accommodating to us.. The Doctor was kind and SUPER PATIENT With her .. He successfully removed the glass. We highly Recommend him!!!

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